As well as the £300,000 given to the Bracken Birthing Centre, the League has donated a further £245,000 to Musgrove Park Hospital in 2020 to purchase the following equipment:

£16,000 for a Model Box Room 3D Scanner for the Maxillo Facial Unit

£98,000 for Urology Cystoscopes

£8,500 for Audiology Portable Equipment

£64,000 for a Duplex Machine for Vascular Surgery

£32,500 for a Decontamination Machine for ENT

£26,000 for an Ultrasound Machine for Orthopaedics

All the above with the exception of the Urology Cystoscopes have been funded by legacies and donations.  The Urology Cystoscopes have been funded by the profits from the League of Friends Shop in the Duchess Building.

Photoshoots of equipment handovers are not possible this year because of Covid compliance but the League of Friends is not all about publicity.   We continue to try to support the hospital in whatever way we can so a big thank you to all our supporters for making these equipment donations possible in a what has been a very strange year for us all.