The League has continued to give vitally needed equipment to Musgrove during the Covid pandemic.  There have been no handovers due to the restrictions so we have no photographs for publicity purposes but nevertheless the giving has continued.  Items including newborn examination kits, gynae hysteroscopes, communication devices and an ultra sound machine for orthopaedics are just some of the items we have given to various departments over the past year.  A decontamination machine for the ENT department, costing £32,850 was just one item gratefully received.  Ann Dodds, Head and Neck Clinical Nurse Specialist, and Johannah Taswell, CSM for ENT and Urology, wrote ‘The donation from the League of Friends has enabled us to purchase a decontamination machine which provides automated decontamination which we can carry out in the department.  Thank you very much for all your efforts in fundraising which has enabled the purchase of this machine – we really are very grateful.’