In 2017, the League of Friends gave the largest sum of money in its history when it gifted £650,000 towards the equipment needed for the new interventional X-Ray room.  The facility was officially opened by Colin Drummond, Trust Chairman Taunton and Somerset NHS Foundation Trust who is seen here with Chris Cutting, President of the League of Friends.

Interventional radiology is a medical speciality that provides highly specialised, minimally invasive treatments for a range of chronic conditions, including peripheral vascular disease and cancer.  The new machine – an Artis Q, manufactured by Siemens – has an X-Ray tube at the cutting edge of technology that will mean patients undergoing procedures are exposed to almost two-thirds less radiation than previously.  The machine, along with advanced 3D imaging software, means radiographers will be able to capture much clearer and higher contrast images of patients.

Peter Renshaw, chairman of Musgrove’s League of Friends, said:  “We are delighted to support this very important X-Ray equipment, which will have great benefits for so many patients across Somerset.  The £640,000 funding from the League of Friends is the largest amount we have ever provided to a single development in our almost 60 years history, and was possible thanks to a number of legacies and donations.  As custodians of money donated to the League of Friends, we are always keen to support requests from departments across the hospital, which benefit the maximum number of patients and keep Musgrove Park Hospital at the leading edge of patient care.”