League of Friends Musgrove Park Hospital

The League of Friends Musgrove Park Hospital is one of the oldest local charities.

Formed in 1959 by The Rotary Club of Taunton we promote voluntary service in the hospital and raise funds to buy extra equipment over and above what the NHS could afford to provide for our very well regarded Foundation Trust Hospital.



The League of Friends Musgrove Park Hospital launched its ‘Chop Your Mop’ campaign on Monday 12th April to coincide with the re-opening of hairdressers after four long months.  Supporters are being asked to help the hospital by donating the cost of the haircut they...

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League of Friends continues to give to the Hospital

The League has continued to give vitally needed equipment to Musgrove during the Covid pandemic.  There have been no handovers due to the restrictions so we have no photographs for publicity purposes but nevertheless the giving has continued.  Items including newborn...

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